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Brain Therapy

Trans-cranial Direct Current Stimulation is a method that delivers electrical signals at a very low voltage and extremely low electrical currents to safely stimulateamplify, or inhibit specific neural pathways in the brain.  The positive and negative flow of electrons are used to either excite an area of the brain or inhibit or slow down an area of the brain. It exercises the brain, to rehabilitate or repair neurological injuries, enhance motor and speech functions, relieve anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Its use can also be beneficial to inhibit pain and reduce addictions and cravings, or symptoms of ADD/ADHD, improve memory, and accelerate learning and other cognitive functions with long-term results.At the Center for Holistic Healing, Dr. Schulenburg's broad range of credentials in both conventional and alternative medicine allow her to provide a more comprehensive and effective approach to brain balancing and regeneration than a strict allopathic methodology.


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