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Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

At the Center for Holistic Healing in Dallas, we offer a variety of holistic modalities to support the body's natural healing processes. One of the most effective therapies we offer is oxygen therapies. 

Stressors of any type decrease the ability to absorb oxygen into the blood, which can result in decreased oxygen to the tissues.  Various forms of oxygen therapy help increase the amount of oxygen in the blood and plasma, in the tissues, improves cardiac output and immune function, promotes thinking capacity and neurological function, and raises energy levels and endurance within a short time.  Disease and toxins compete for the oxygen that healthy cells need, thereby contributing to cell degeneration and accelerating the aging process. Our cells utilize oxygen for regeneration to prevent premature aging.

Methods of oxygen therapy such as Exercise with Oxygen Therapy - EWOT is gaining momentum as a way to improve athletic performance. It is also called Multi-step Oxygen Therapy or Exercise with Oxygen Training. Rather than passively forcing pressurized oxygen into the body as a hyperbaric oxygen tank would do, the idea is to inhale concentrated oxygen while exercising. Exercising while breathing concentrated levels of oxygen dramatically increases the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma, the portion of the blood outside the red and white cells.  The oxygen content of plasma fluid can be dramatically increased and oxygen pushed into the body’s cells without the aid of the red blood cells. 

EWOT helps increase the oxygen to tissues by increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood and plasma, and also in the tissues.  This increased level of tissue oxygen has several beneficial effects including:

heart failure, cardiomegaly, high blood pressure, wellness and anti-aging, cancer emphysema symptoms, stress, breathlessness.

EWOT was invented by Manfred Von Ardenne, physicist, researcher and inventor. 

If you're looking for a natural, holistic approach to enhancing your health and wellness, contact us today to learn more about our EWOT programs and other holistic services.


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