EMF/EMR -Toxic Electromagnetic Radiation Stress

Updated: Mar 10

Man-made Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF's) increase neurotoxin production and have a major impact on the immune system.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity has increased due to exposure to cell phones and other high EMF/EMR sources displaying an increased risk for disease, brain and neurological disorders. Scientists, public health physicians, environmentalists, and other organizations have published articles on the harmful effects to humanity and the plant and animal population.

High levels of EMF have biological effects. Science has shown that it contributes to unhealthy changes to the DNA, cancer, infertility, vision and hearing loss, burning and buzzing sensations, cardiac and neuro-psychiatric effects, and increase in other disease.

Sources of EMF/EMR include but are not limited to, big screen TV’s, computers,/wi-fi,  Digital clocks, power lines, smart meters, X-Rays, mammograms –CT scans-Airport scanners (equivalent to an exponential number of  X-Rays), 4G and 5G networks. Cell towers and 5G networks emit and irradiate those nearby with intense, pulsed, data-modulated, radio frequencies. These sources of harmful EMF contributes to irritability to our nervous system, electrical systems and contributes to inflammation. On the contrary, trees and the ground emit frequencies that is calming to our central nervous systems.

Our DNA stores sunlight which are healthy frequency waves.  This would also mean that our cells can store unhealthy electromagnetic frequencies and memories from our external environment that affect our genetics and biochemical processes. Could this chronic, harmful exposure be contributing to the dysfunction in our DNA? What happens to our DNA when it is chronically exposed to dirty electricity from the exponentially increasing EMF from satellites, 5G networks, cell towers, wi-fi, power lines, droids, computers and other electronics? There have been reports that unhealthy changes in the DNA and dysfunctional expression of DNA occurs from this external stimulus. Our DNA, RNA, and exosomes are also influenced by psyche-emotional stressors, unhealthy belief systems, toxins, traumas, pathogens. These stressors can be removed with healthier lifestyle choices and belief systems. Thereby, if our DNA stores healthy frequency waves from sunlight, nature, healthy beliefs full of promises, and happy emotions, it can also store unhealthy frequencies and memories from a toxic environment and toxic thoughts and emotions. This would influence the expression of a persons genetics, which is the idea of epi-genetics and gene-expression based upon the external and internal environment.

What are some practical solutions to mitigate the harmful effects of EMF/EMR on our body systems? Turn off the wi-fi at night when it is not in use. Place the cell phone on airplane mode at night when it is not in use and charge the phone away from the bed or in another room.

Acquire a VitaSet Generator (VSG) which emulates the natural rhythms of the earth that all healthy life needs. This emits Schumann frequencies which are the natural rhythms from the earth that disrupts the harmful electromagnetic radiation in the environment. Contact to inquire about the VSG.




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