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Julia Schulenburg 


Julia Schulenburg BSN, RN, ND, CLT received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1989.  She worked sixteen years in acute care and hospital administration. Her experience included pediatric oncology, critical care in neonatal, pediatric, and adult ICU, spinal cord and brain injury rehabilitation, home health, community health and basic life support training, research and epidemiology with infectious disease in quality management, and education teaching acute care medicine, hospital acquired infections and antibiotic utilization.   

After 16 years in allopathic medicine, she was compelled to study naturopathy, and frequency medicine in 2004.  She went on to complete a 180 hour on-site course for a certification in Manual Lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy from the Vodder  International School out of Austria. 


Being a healthcare practitioner with comprehensive training in both allopathic and natural medicine, she recognizes the significance of an integrative and holistic approach to health and wellness. Her holistic approach for the wellness of the spirit, soul, and body is evident in her role as an integrative practitioner caring for the whole person. In 2006, she established The Center for Holistic Healing in Dallas, TX.


Dr. Julia has a special interest in humanitarian work and service, which has led her to volunteer as a registered nurse on the Mercy Ships in Haiti and visit orphanages in South Korea and Uganda. She has family in the United States, South Korea, Germany, and Poland, which contribute to her global perspectives. Outdoor activities, reading, writing, equestrian pursuits, dance, arts, and music are all cherished pastimes that enrich her life beyond her professional commitments, yet without enough time to indulge in all of them.

“The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator.”

-Louis Pasteur

Korea orphanage 2004

"When I approach a child, 

he inspires in me two sentiments; 

tenderness for what he is, and 

respect for what he may become."

  -Louis Pasteur


Our affiliates are an integral part of CHH.  We work together to ensure that there is a united effort towards providing the best plan of care.  We promote a genuine atmosphere of collaborative services to maintain an optimal commitment to quality care.  An alliance with other integrative providers, pediatricians, functional medicine physicians, biological dental practices, researchers, and educators help us deliver a comprehensive array of holistic services and technologies.  

Pulsed Technologies & Bio-Energetics

Jimmie Holman & Paul Dorneanu

Bioenergetics & Pulsed Technologies  

Mr. Jimmie Holman, CEO of Pulsed Technologies Research, LLC (USA) and COO of Bioenergetics & Pulsed Technologies, SRL (European Union) has been researching resonant frequency technologies and associated physics since approximately 1995.  It became clearly evident early in Mr. Holman's research that the underlying physics relating to the most important aspects of the science of his interests were "other" than conventionally taught,  His unique background in physics and specifically trained intelligence enabled him to recognize systems not realized by classically trained engineers, scientists and researchers.

Mr. Holman has often commented "... physics have tremendous holistic health implications which may have a revolutionary impact on reducing the cost of self-applied health care."

Wm. Cowden, MD

Wm. Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H)

Chairman of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine (ACIM)

William Lee Cowden, MD, is an integrative medical doctor and U.S. board-certified cardiologist and internist, internationally recognized for his knowledge and skill in practicing and teaching integrative medicine.

He is Chairman of the scientific advisory board and Academy Professor for the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine (ACIM).  The ACIM is dedicated toward wellness by training and supporting practitioners in a variety of holistic health disciplines, conducting research, and implementing therapeutic modalities to provide wellness to the community.

Christopher Ging, OMD

Chris Ging, OMD, L. Ac.

Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD) and a licensed acupuncturist (L. Ac.). 


Dr. Ging is experienced in Aesthetic Acupuncture for facelifts, chin lifts, scar tissue, and wrinkle removal.  He has been certified with the National Commission of Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) since 1993.  He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) integrated with Western Medicine and earned his Ph.D. from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Science, Beijing, China in the 1990's.  He also received an MBA and a Bachelor’s as a Software Engineer from Texas Christian University. 

Dr. Ging has been Board Certified by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) since 1995.

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