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Helping an individual with ASD is multi-faceted and with very layered histories, of which each event has a contribution to autism.  It must be addressed systematically.  A detailed and comprehensive assessment is essential.  We look at the individual holistically and achieve as much of the contributing layers of history as possible. 

A child might have had an event which triggered autistic symptoms.  These may include physical events or trauma, displacement, second-hand stressors such as parental traumas or stressors,  and any amount of instability in the home or support system or lack thereof in which the child felt helpless.

We assess a history of vaccines and any reactions such as increased irritability/crying, swelling at the site of the vaccine injection, seizure, fevers, gastro-intestinal symptoms (diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc.), regression in development, and other unusual reactions. 

We identify family support which is vital and provide dietary education to family.  

  • Dietary guidelines so as not to stimulate fungal overgrowth

  • Dietary guidelines for children with sulfation or genetic SniPs

  • Dietary guidelines that avoid inflammatory or sensitizing foods


We provide appropriate methods of detoxification to the most sensitive and complex children. 

These methods may include but are not limited to:

  • Laser Energetic Detoxification & Bio-Energetic Frequency Therapy

  • Cranial therapies

  • Lymphatic therapies

  • Oxygen therapies

  • Food sensitivity assessments

  • Nutraceuticals and homeopathics

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