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Bio-Energetic Frequency Therapy & Laser Energetic Detoxification

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Laser Energetic Detoxification therapy is fast, powerful and gentle and can be beneficial to the most fragile and sensitive.  The LED is a highly effective rapid detoxification therapy and are theoretically related to the immediate effects of photon and light therapy on the physics of cellular function. The body’s ability to detox varies with each individual. If for any reason, your ability to detox is compromised, or you have a chronic illness, or have experienced traumatic events, and increased stress, your system is holding onto a lot of toxins.  Your internal terrain is polluted, and then creates an environment for pathogenic organisms to thrive and multiply.  Overlooking a toxic internal terrain will make it especially difficult to overcome pathogenic organisms. Wm. Lee Cowden, MD, with others, were integral in developing this specific system called laser energetic detoxification. This method shakes loose specific toxins within 25 hours so it can be more rapidly eliminated from the body through the body's primary detoxification organs such as the liver, lymphatics, kidneys, and large intestines.  This form of detox is very specific and systematic.

How Does Laser Energetic Detoxification Work?

During LED, a laser light passes through a clear glass vial of a homeopathic substance and sweeps the body so it can release and/or resolve substances that are contributing to inflammation, pain, allergies, infections, immune system disorders, and other conditions.

Re-exposure to a substance in a concentrated form might require repeating a LED for that substance. For most individuals, 2-3 sessions are needed to experience a change.  Depending upon the individual, a session may need to be repeated at a later date. This type of detoxification appears to hold tremendous promise for those patients who are toxin overloaded and chronically ill because of the toxicity.

Unlike pharmaceutical medicine, which works primarily by chemically blocking or stimulating biochemical pathways in the body, LED works on the quantum physical properties of the body. Also LED carries information into the cells of the body via photons (light) very similar to the bio-photons produced by each human cell. Fritz-Albert Popp, PhD and others have proven that bio-photons produced by human cells are responsible for information transfer between cells and tissues that regulates cell growth, cell differentiation, and biochemical activities (such as cellular detoxification).

The person is tested for specific toxins such as pesticides, fungicides, toxic metals, solvents, chemicals, some toxic medications, mycotoxins, and bio-toxins, in their internal environment.  Key findings indicate whether the rapid laser detoxification would likely be helpful for the patient. Then these toxins must be eliminated as much as possible in order to clean up their internal terrain. 

For example, the presence of harmful sulfa drugs and toxins in the tissues prevents the affected person from being able to effectively take up into their tissues sulfur-containing nutrients and detoxification substances containing sulfur. The elimination of sulfa-based toxins, such as sulfites, sulfates can be essential for detoxification and recovery

Another key finding is that many chronically ill patients develop autoimmune disorder because of man-made toxin such as pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or other chemicals. The immune system then identifies those toxins to the tissue or specific organs as being foreign. After that, the immune system continues to attack the altered cells in the tissues. The toxin(s) responsible for causing this type of auto-immune response can be identified with forms of energetic testing.

The next highest priority for an LED treatment after identifying the auto-immunity from specific chemicals or pesticides is usually for heavy metals, especially the various forms of mercury. Mercury is held up by most parasites and certain other pathogens in the body. When these pathogens are killed, the mercury dumps back into the body and may need to be treated again. After all the mercury is effectively treated with LED and other oral supplements, other critical heavy metals are usually treated next.

Then, after the heavy metals, other pesticides and herbicides not treated as part of the autoimmunity process usually take the next highest priority.  After the critical pesticides and herbicides are mobilized, formaldehyde and formic acid, benzene, xylene and toluene, PCB, phthalates, petroleum byproducts as well as other man-made toxins are considered.

After that come mycotoxins and other bio-toxins, vaccine residuals and other pharmaceuticals may be mobilized.

A special infrared light shining through the appropriate homeopathic vial, or a precision pulsed light emitting diode, or plasma lights can be used to help remove toxins from specific “stubborn” locations in the body. Red and infrared (RIR) light therapy can also substitute for neural therapy to target specific tissues or organs in the body. If an infrared light treatment is done before an LED on the areas of greatest inflammation (toxic focus) due to recent surgeries, recent injuries, or other trauma), the toxins from the LED is much more likely to thoroughly and completely pass through the entire body. If necessary, the infrared light therapy can be used to drive specific toxins out of that tissue or organ so that the patient may proceed with the next phase of detoxification. Sometimes an acute situation arises unassociated with an LED requiring treatment of a toxin, pathogen or both in a specific area of the body in which other forms of therapies may be implemented.

It is still necessary to follow practitioner recommended supplemental botanicals, nutrients, and homeopathics to work synergistically with the LED. These will work together to bring improvement in a shorter period of time when combined with the LED therapy.

Lymphatic therapy prior to an LED is usually recommended and additional lymphatic therapies may be necessary to consider.


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