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Body Balancing

At the Center for Holistic Healing in Dallas, we offer a wide range of holistic treatments designed to support our patients' health and wellness journeys. Our Body Balancing technique integrates therapies such as cranio-sacral therapy and joint release therapy, myofascial and trigger-point release, scar adhesions therapy, and acupressure combined with meridian stimulation.


Disruptions, blockages, or congestion can occur in our body systems due to various factors. These therapies work synergistically to clear blockages resulting from trauma, structural misalignment, or scar tissues and adhesions caused by cuts, injuries, or contusions. Body Balancing not only expedites toxin removal and boosts circulation and lymphatic fluid movement but also alleviates nerve compression, reduces inflammation, and eases muscle and joint pain. Furthermore, it provides a faster remedy for scarring and adhesions compared to many other treatments.

Our expertise in conventional allopathic medicine, physical medicine, and alternative medicine enables us to offer a more effective approach to wellness than relying solely on allopathic methods. This allows us to create personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's distinct needs.​


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