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Epigenetic factors are the primary way our genetic coding is interpreted, translated, and expressed.  These environmental variables can either activate or inhibit genes and how they express themselves

A holistic approach to genetic snps and genetic information includes their comorbidity, diet and lifestyle history, toxin screening, microbiome, a psyche-emotional evaluation, and family history.

How is their genetic predisposition manifesting or not manifesting?  There is a genetic predisposition that a person might have with a variety of different influences surrounding them.  We need to understand the relationship of the whole which includes an individual’s genomics plus the other parts such as the RNA in foods and diet, vitamins and minerals.

Genetic snps are affected by our environment – both our internal and external environment.   Snps alone cannot be used as the primary information to function and operate from. The complexity of snps is inconclusive and cannot be black and white.

It seems irrational to think that we can understand protein coding genes from a genomic testing when they can only test for less than 30,000 protein coding genes when the body has over 100,000 protein coding genes.  This brings me to conclude that epigenetics has a larger role to play in our health than the results of a genomic testing is able to reveal. 

Genetic expression is also influenced by toxins that comes from pollution, toxic heavy metals, oxidative stress, an excess of free radicals, chemicals and pesticides, and harmful EMF.  High levels of EMF have been shown to have harmful biological effects in the body and contribute to unhealthy changes to the DNA.  Then when a person is loaded with toxic heavy metals, they are like a walking antenna resonating with the high frequency electro-magnetic fields surrounding them.   Plus EMF also fuels the growth of a multitude of different species of fungi and certain other pathogens which then contributes to more inflammatory conditions.

Pathogens have their own genomes micro-eco-systems within our bodies.  For instance, viral genomes consist of either DNA or RNA strands, so they can either be DNA viruses or RNA viruses.  

The thoughts that we think will emote a certain response and go into our physical cells. Because our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions influences the expression of our genes in epigenetics.

Stem cell research has found that genetic information can also be transferred through germ cells, that is through the sperm and ovum.  Thereby, another variable of genetic expression is parental information and experiences.  This genetic information passes on to future generations as cellular memory.

Some foods will have a negative effect on the emotions and contribute to depression, anxiety, irritability, add/adhd symptoms, and other mental imbalances.                    

Our bodies obtain information from food.  Fruits and vegetables that have not been genetically engineered, healthy fats, and probiotics provides fuel, enzymes, amino acids, anti-oxidants, and many other building blocks for the body.  Plants, fruits, and vegetables contain gene-regulating microRNA which sends messages and instructions to our DNA.  This then affects the expression of our genes. 

Grounding, also called earthing, is a therapeutic technique that the ground and nature electrically reconnects you to the earth. This technique is based on grounding physics to explain how electrical charges from the earth can have positive effects on your body. Go back to nature.  Sit, stand on the ground, plant and garden.

Schumann frequencies from the earth have positive effects on your body by absorbing harmful ions from the body that have accumulated from chronic exposure to EMF/EMR.

Primary Schumann frequencies have a resonance within a range of 7.83-33.8 Hz, which corresponds with our brainwave states.  Man-made high frequency electro-magnetic fields hits our brains at wavelengths of higher frequencies, it contributes to anxiety, stress, and sympathetic nervous system overload. Thereby, when we connect to nature, grounding helps our central nervous system to relax, our bodies to spontaneously decompress and eliminate harmful, inflammatory ions in our bodies.

What you see on a genetic test is like what you would see on a piece of sheet music.   But it’s the musician that interprets and expresses what he sees on that sheet music to make the sounds.  The musician uses his physical and emotional energy to convert what he sees on that sheet into expressive sounds.

Studies have shown that art heals by changing a person's physiology and attitude. Art and music change the body's physiology from stress and fear to relaxation and inspiration and affects a person's brain wave patterns, hormonal balance, neurotransmitters, autonomic nervous system, sympathetic nervous system, immune system and blood flow to organs.

Challenge questions regarding Genetic variants(mutations) – SnPs are single nucleotide polymorphisms:

Have these genetic code adjustments occurred for the purpose of self-preservation in order to survive the cellular memory of inherited psyche-emotional trauma?

the toxic environment that we live in?

the genetically engineered foods that we have eaten for so many decades?

the various pathogens that we have been exposed to?  A

 nutrient deficiency?

 Or the combination of all these? 

Do genetic SnPs serve a protective purpose for the human body’s survival? 

Might it be a part of human evolution to survive the onslaught of all these environmental attacks and toxins?


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