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EVOX and Recall Healing

At the Center for Holistic Healing in Dallas, we offer a wide range of holistic treatments designed to support our patients' health and wellness journeys. One of the most innovative treatments we offer is the EVOX, which is a form of cognitive biofeedback and transgenerational therapy using sound frequencies from the voice and musical tones to reframe perceptions of events and people in their lives and facilitate the release of subconscious mental and emotional blocks to healing. If the brain retains either conscious or subconscious memories from a stressful event or trauma, these memories might induce bodily imbalances. Our genes respond to the frequency energies of sound and music, affecting a person's brain wave patterns. Your voice produces energetic frequencies that reflects your perception of an event, a person, or a topic. 

Sound frequencies can evoke specific responses in the brain, aiding in the release of mental and emotional barriers to healing. This, in turn, can foster recovery from physical health issues as well as emotional or behavioral challenges. Traumatic memories or negative emotions can trap chemicals and toxins in the body, hindering the body's natural detoxification processes. By clearing these mental and emotional blockages, cells, tissues, and organs operate with increased efficiency.  This has also been beneficial for students and athletes who are looking to overcome specific challenges and improve their performance.  The EVOX can be more beneficial with Recall Healing for many individuals. 

Recall Healing, rooted in Dr. Ryke Hamer's German New Medicine, explores the intricate links between the body and the brain. Dr. Hamer pinpointed specific bodily regions that correlate with particular brain areas, discerning a direct connection between physical ailments and behavioral patterns. When combined with EVOX therapy, Recall Healing often yields more profound and accelerated results. This approach aids in reshaping an individual's perceptions, awareness, and belief systems that may underlie illnesses or specific conditions. Irrespective of one's conscious understanding, the body's physical state mirrors subconscious patterns entrenched in the brain. This methodology proves especially advantageous for those grappling with persistent, chronic, or long-standing conditions.

Listen to the free audio "Healing Cellular Memory Trauma" in Resources & Video.


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