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Emotions Trapped in Scars

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Very often when a person has an invasive procedure such as surgery or a trauma that results in a scar to the tissues, including contusive scars, without skin break, the emotions that were present at the moment of that event become trapped in the scar. When the scar is treated by mudding, German Neural Therapy, by laser therapy, or with percussion therapy, the client often experiences an emotional release.

A person with numerous scars most likely has trapped emotions in those areas from the trauma. Thereby, when these scars are relieved, persons can experience a release of emotions as well.

For example, in my experience when an abdominal surgical scar was treated by percussion therapy, the client had uncontrollable crying and trembling for nearly one hour. Another client who had neural therapy on a plastic surgery scar on her face started weeping and could not stop for several hours. This latter client had been told by her husband before the surgery that she was looking so old that she was no longer attractive to him. When a scar is treated by German Neural Therapy, the insertion of a needle into the scar tissue causes an additional trauma, both physically and sometimes emotionally. For this reason, I prefer to treat scars with a combination of percussion therapy followed by mudding, a clay therapy.


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