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Energy Medicine

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

A lot of people think that the study of energetic medicine came from Asia, such as acupuncture. But many other forms of energy medicine has its roots in Germany from Doctors Voll, Samuel Hahnemann, and Alfred Fritz-Popp, the most popular names. It is more a science of physics rather than biology and chemistry. Energy medicine is evaluating the electrical flows of the body and using frequencies, acupuncture, photon, laser therapies, color, light, sound therapies, and other tools to effect the bio-chemical systems in the body. Simply put, energy medicine is recognizing that the thousands of electrical circuits that run through our body is directly connected to the biological and chemical systems in our body.

According to Dr. Fritz-Popp, our bodies are more energy-dominant than chemical dominant. People may have a chemical imbalance. But the electrical functions of the cells dictate these chemical processes. Dr. Fritz Popp showed the link of biology and physics and that our cells have resonating frequencies that emit electromagnetic waves. And each of the cells communicate with each other with these frequency waves. All matter is energy. Every living organism emits their own frequencies. Energy is all around us. Electricity is energy. The sun emits both heat and energy. Lightning is a powerful bolt of light and energy. In relation to our bodies, all our cells carry a voltage. We have positive and negative ions, a positive and negative charge. Every electron, atom, molecule, and cellular structure is electrical and communicates with each other.

Think of the wire circuits that powers on a light bulb. That light bulb would not turn on if it was not connected to the wires that are connected to the outlet connected to those wires that are connected to the power box and so on. Those alive wires have electricity flowing through them to power on that light bulb. Diseased tissue emits their own frequencies. When the body is in a state of weakness or disease, there are cells and organs functioning electrically at a very low voltage because there are blocks or dysfunctions in the circuitry. Then toxins accumulate where the blocked energy is, and where there are toxins, pathogens or unhealthy microorganisms accumulate where the toxins accumulated. This was Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp’s theory back in the 1800’s.

In relation to our psyche, our belief systems emit powerful energy. Our thoughts carry energy. Our emotions send out energy. Sometimes you don’t have to say anything and a person can feel the energy that is emoting out of you.

The Center for Holistic Healing applies various forms of energy medicine in its evaluation and implements the most modern day research and equipment available for the best results.


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