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Optimal Lifestyle Suggestions

Updated: May 6

"Walking is man's best medicine"

- Hippocrates


Note: These are basic suggestions for the general population.

Water: Drink purified room temperature water - 50 ounces of water for every 100 lbs of body weight over 24 hours is recommended. Water filters are recommended. Choose quality water filters such as Epic pure or nano filters, Aquasana, Clearly filtered, Mercola, or a reputable reverse osmosis systems. If you purchase bottled water, favorite bottled waters are Icelandic, Rainfresh, Poland Spring Origin, Italian Still, Pellegrino, Central Market sparkling.

Avoid bottled water in thin “crunchy” plastics because they leach higher contents of phthalates and other chemicals into the water

Sunshine:  If weather permits, absorb 15-20min of sunlight to skin every day without sunscreen to >50% of uncovered skin surface to absorb natural Vitamin D.

Supplement with Vitamin D3 when you are not absorbing natural sunlight.

Quality Vitamin D3 supplements are available from

Cooking utensils:  Ceramic cookware is ideal. Most glass cookware is non-toxic. The 3-5 ply stainless steel such as Calphalon cookware, 360 cookware, All-Clad, Le Creuset, Made In, Tramontina are non-toxic and virtually non-stick. Occasional use of Lodge cast iron skillets are acceptable. Avoid cooking with plastic, aluminum, thinner bendable stainless steel, Teflon, and Silverstone non-stick cookware as they leach metals and toxins into food.

More health tips:

  • Exercise at 2-4x weekly as tolerated.

  • Remove metal jewelry from the body at bedtime.

  • Do NOT charge a cell phone by your bed. Place the cell phone on airplane mode if it is not needed during the night, or place the phone in an EMF faraday bag.

  • Turn off the wi-fi while you are sleeping or least place an EMF cover over your wi-fi unit. You may plug it into a wall-timer so it automatically switches off when you go to bed and back on when you need it.

  • A VitaSet Generator (VSG) helps mitigate harmful affects of electro-pollution and high frequency electro-magnetic fields (EMF) that stresses the body and the brain. Send a request to

  • Women - wear non-underwire bras.

  • Implement oil pulling oral hygiene every morning. Refer to article on "Oil Pulling".

  • Avoid personal care products for the teeth, hair, and skin that contain sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS), fluoride, aluminum, mineral oil, lead, petroleum, to name a few.


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