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Voice Mapping - Sound Healing

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Trauma is stored in the body and the subconscious. This trauma influences a persons impulses and personalities, fears and addictions, negative thoughts and emotions. Voice mapping is a form of cognitive biofeedback using sound frequencies to release the traumas that have been stored in the cells of the body and the subconscious. Voice mapping was developed by Calvin Young, who based his work on the research of early sound healers such as Alfred Tomatis and Edwards.

Using a technology called the EVOX helps facilitate this voice mapping. A combination of sounds in the voice are recorded, analyzed and then sound frequencies are fed back to the person. The sound frequencies from the person's voice are influenced by buried memories, mental and emotional stressors. These frequencies stimulate and then balance a relevant memory and muscle connection which affects the sound frequencies coming from the vocal chords.

Voice Mapping analyzes the sound frequencies in a person’s voice for missing frequencies which correlate to blocked or unacknowledged emotions related to a certain person, event, or task. Missing sound frequencies from the voice are identified and played back to the person. These sound frequencies facilitate subconscious releases in the brain that trigger certain responses in behavior and in the physical body and can thereby be helpful in fighting chronic health or behavior problems. Toxic emotions bind chemicals and toxins in the body and inhibit, to a degree, the release of these toxins through the body’s natural detoxification pathways. Thereby, when emotional blocks are released, the body’s cells, tissues, and organs function more optimally.

Early in life we subconsciously create complex mechanisms to protect us from early traumatic and stressful experiences. These subconscious mechanisms function as coping skills that help us endure and survive difficult events and chronically painful conditions throughout our lives. If the brain is storing a memory connected to stress and trauma, that memory may be causing an imbalance in the body. That imbalance is a contributing factor to current behavioral, emotional, and physical challenges. During this biofeedback process, you may recall forgotten memories, experience strong emotional releases, and realize insights that can help you break free of rigid thinking, unresolved grief, anger, or other buried emotions that keep you stuck in repetitive life patterns or illness.

Working with the frequencies in a person’s voice, the EVOX is a highly effective biofeedback process, helping to change negative beliefs and attitudes about oneself, others, events, and also helps to quickly resolve anger, phobias, grief, etc. The EVOX is a tool to facilitate the release of emotional and mental blocks and is also beneficial for students and athletes who are looking to overcome specific challenges and improve performance.


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