Your Body’s Internal Environment

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The chronically ill human body is like a tub or kitchen sink full of dirty water overflowing onto the floor.  All of the drains at the bottom of the tub (represents the primary detox organs of the bowel, liver, kidney, lymph) are plugged up preventing the dirty water from draining out of the tub.  At the top of the tub there is a faucet wide open running dirty water into the tub. These dirty water faucets represent polluted inhaled air, nutrient-depleted foods eaten (that are toxic from steroids, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, heavy metals, partially-hydrogenated oils, etc.), toxic relationships, toxic conscious and sub-conscious emotions, electro-magnetic pollution, other radiation, etc.   There is also "clean" water that is either completely turned off or barely dripping into the tub.

The clean water faucet represents fresh air, purified water, good foods and supplemental nutrients, sunshine, exercise, relaxation, good relationships, peace, joy, love, the will to live and a purpose in life. All the dirty water overflowing onto the floor represents symptoms of chronic disease. In order to stop the dirty water from flowing over onto the floor, and to  progressively lower the level of dirty water in the tub, one must open up the drains at the bottom of the tub by enhancing the detox mechanisms of the body, and turn down or off as many of the dirty water faucets as possible while, at the same time, opening wide the clean water faucets at the top of the tub. In doing these things, not only does the level of the dirty water go down, but the water becomes cleaner and cleaner so that, eventually, the bottom of the tub can be seen.

Analogy reference. Wm. Lee Cowden MD

Our plan of care considers the spiritual well-being, mental-emotional and physical well-being of the individual.  Naturopathic modalities include but is not limited to, education and counseling on foods, exercise, non-medical physical therapies such as lymphatic therapy, non-manipulative bodywork, sound, light, electro-magnetic and bio-energetic therapies.   Included are beneficial supplementation and homeopathic preparations to help stimulate, promote, and maintain the individual’s whole-body function and its self-healing processes.